Saturday, July 18, 2009

Funny how life works. I married the only person I never cheated on, only in turn to live a life where I feel as if I'm being cheated on everday.....
If that's not IRONY I really don't know what is.
I envisioned married life as happy, joyful, with bumps in the road but knowing always that our love would smooth those bumps no matter how rough they were. I envisioned a forever. A life where it was all about him and all about me. Anytime, Anywhere with Anyone.
Turns out I got the exact opposite. I'm terribly unhappy and wish everyday that something would change. I guess that's my biggest mistake ... I'm wishing. I should be old enough to already know that wishes, no matter how big or small, NEVER come true.
Oh Well, here's "hoping" there really is something else in store for my life and not just what I have or what surrounds me right now.

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