Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today was a better day...

Today was a good day LOL! That's the title to a song... and I feel that way at least now I do.
I did absolutely nothing all day long.  I played pogo all day, had breakfast, lunch and I made an amazing dinner.
Yesterday was a great day, I took my dad to his appointment, then hung out with him all afternoon.  I'm always amazed at what a wonderful human being my dad is, and how proud of him I am, and blessed that he was chosen to be my dad.  See he's not my biological dad, he's actually my maternal grandfather, but he raised me and adopted me legally when I was a child.  I love him more than the air I breathe.
After that, I headed over to Barnes and Noble to pick up The Associate by John Grisham, and hear him speak.  He had a "conversation" with Charlie Rose.  It made me really happy it was something I just chose to do out of the blue.  It's one of the things that I wanted to do this year, to change in myself, just do shit out of the blue for myself.  Oh and I also bought red eye shadow!
Random I know but thought I should put it in there.
Today was a good day (It's by Ice Cube!)

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